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Tamara Farrar, Esq.

Family at a Beach

Since 1989

Tamara Farrar, of the Law Office of Tamara Farrar, is a family law and domestic violence attorney based in Orange County, California. She has been practicing law since 1989 and has substantial experience representing clients in all areas of family law.

Tamara has been through divorce and is a child of divorce herself. As a result, she is in a unique position to understand what her clients are going through. Tamara understands that when new clients initially come to see her, they are hurt and worried about the future. She also knows that the last thing those clients need is an attorney who will extend the process of separation and divorce, adding unnecessary fees and emotional pain to an already challenging process.

Tamara is also a Volunteer with a Divorce Recovery Group. Twice a year, she helps people navigate through emotional issues so that they can move on and be happy. 

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