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Tamara Farrar, of the Law Office of Tamara Farrar, is a family law and domestic violence attorney based in Orange County, California. She has been practicing law since 1989 and has substantial experience representing clients in all areas of family law.

Tamara has been through divorce and is a child of divorce herself. As a result, she is in the unique position to understand what her clients are going through. Tamara understands that when new clients initially come see her, they are hurt and worried about the future. She also knows that the last thing those clients need is an attorney who will extend the process of separation and divorce, adding unnecessary fees and emotional pain to an already challenging process.

Tamara is also a Volunteer with a Divorce Recovery Group. Twice a year, she helps people navigate through emotional issues so that they can move on and be happy. 


Divorce is a new beginning.  It's not failure; It's freedom

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Helping Clients

Tamara knows every case is unique and that each client has specific needs as she guides them through their family law or domestic violence matter. She seeks to help her clients understand the benefits  of coming to a fair agreement early versus the time, money, and emotional pain, they would spend during an unnecessarily long litigation battle.   However, when necessary, Tamara is ready, willing, and able to fight for her clients’ rights via the litigation process. She is well experienced at dealing with opposing parties who try to use finances and intimidation to control her clients and knows how to deal with such conduct in and out of the courtroom. 

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Clients & Children

It is important to Tamara that her clients understand that children come first. She raised two amazing daughters of her own and knows the impact a divorce can have on them. As a result, when you retain Tamara to help with your divorce, support, or custody matter, you will find that her priority will always be your children. When parents use the Court system to hurt the opposing parent, the damage can hurt their children in sometimes, irreparable ways. Tamara's goal is to keep you out of situations in which this will happen. She believes no divorce should end up being a war zone.

Tamara believes strongly that divorce is not just about ending a marriage, it is also about new beginnings. The most rewarding part of her work is helping her clients move on to new and better lives. She does this in the most cost-effective way possible, enabling her clients to enjoy their futures without having spent a fortune battling through endless Court hearings.  Tamara is thrilled to hear her clients' beautiful success stories, often with happy new relationships or the immense peace that comes from simply being out of a toxic situation.  To her, emails about how her clients are thriving and how their children are doing well with co- parenting situations managed by loving parents, is the ultimate satisfaction.

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Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment

Domestic Violence


Domestic violence is of particular concern to Tamara.  Domestic violence comes in many forms and she believes it is the highest honor to help a client free her or himself from a perpetual cycle of abuse, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, sexual or financial.

With a fundamental belief that living is giving, Tamara volunteers with several charitable organizations. Her focus is on ending child trafficking and helping victims of abuse. This includes serving on the boards of Global Hope 365,, an anti-child marriage and trafficking organization, and the W.I.N. Foundation, a transformational program for women who have suffered from narcissistic abuse.  In addition, she helps with a missionary organization in Thailand that assists young girls in becoming empowered women. She also volunteers with a divorce recovery group,,  helping people move onto the next phase of life after divorce.

And when she's free...

In her personal life, Tamara is ecstatically divorced. She gives staying fit her best efforts by doing yoga, Pilates, hiking, mountain biking. She loves cooking, baking and all things food which she will admit is counterproductive to all of her staying fit efforts.  


She loves traveling. The most important to Tamara, however, is laughing with her friends and daughters. Her circle of friends and family, along with her activities, keep her sane in this often challenging, but always rewarding profession.